Del Way
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Del and wife
“I am amazed and humbled at how God has used my talents to touch hearts,” says Del Way. “If He will keep giving me songs, I will continue to write them.”

In the last twenty years, Del has written and recorded numerous songs, each with a unique message that reaches and changes people. Taken from a song from Del’s latest album, Livin’ this life, “I’m just living this life I’ve been handed.” And what a life Del leads. Del has more invitations than he is capable of accepting each year. Additionally, he has been nominated for numerous awards and been awarded many – his most recent being the 2007 Entertainer of the Year for the Christian Country Music Association. He has written many songs that have charted number one on the Christian Country Music Charts. Del is often invited to appear on the nationally televised Praise the Lord program called By The Way.

Life has not always been this way for Del Way. He was not raised in church and spent much of his young life in honky-tonks and beer joints. Del comes from a family of very talented musicians and singers, and he often dreamed of going on to Nashville to pursue a career in country music. Well on his way to alcoholism and divorce, Del realized his need for God, and on February 3, 1980, he gave his life, talents, and dreams to Jesus.

Since then, God has done unbelievable things with Del’s life. In 2007, Del accomplished his 16th project, Livin’ this Life, with two of the songs from this project already doing well on the national charts for Christian Country Music. His current singles are Card Carrying Christian, which debuted at number 27 on the charts, and This Far From You. His latest number one single is Until Your Love from his Cavalry’s the Reason Why Reloaded project.

Along with a successful music ministry, Del is the Pastor of Calvalry Temple Church in Kerrville, Texas. He oversees three other churches in the area, Thousand Hills Cowboy Church, Calvary Temple Church in Center point/Comfort, and Thunder in the Hills Biker Church.

Del’s life is busy to say the least, but he is not slowing down. He says he must make hay while the sun still shines, and the light is shining bright now. He is anxious to see what God has in store next, and Del knows that his best days are still ahead.
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